Systemic Investigations


Tentcopter – head in the sky, feet on the ground


Holding individuals and teams through journeys to allow…


New possibilities to emerge


To break old patterns


see through to a new solution


So what is this?

A systemic investigation is a process designed to unlock something new; this may be applied a business critical opportunity, your own personal leadership development or working through a difficult person issue.

Resulting in…

A stronger personal leadership stance…knowing what you stand for and where you are heading

A creative team ….who have experienced unlocking a intractable problem together, have gained new insights and feel like they are standing on a new business opportunity

Better relationships…with your friends, family, colleagues and yourself.

A systemic journey

is designed to to slow us down, be still, explore the unknown and let something new arise.

Exploring the ground

an unflinching, unblinkered view into the challenge that you face

Lenses and perspectives

  seeing the issue/opportunity through multiple lenses

Systemic constellation

  using constellations to see into the underlying forces which create the current situation, that which keep you stuck and the doorway through…

Shaping experiments

shaping specific pathways forward which support you to make practical steps forward


Hope and openings…

Activating our deeper levels of optimism and belief

Moving forward; not recycling old problems or digging a deeper hole

Opening a new truth

What shall I/we pin the future on?

No judgement

An open, spacious canvas

Where all points of view are welcomed – no moralistic posturing here

I need to find out something which I don’t know

Reality and Truth

Facing into our disappointments

Seeing ourself and our place in what we have created

Activating self-responsibility

Bursting the bubble of victim-hood

What happens when I/we have tried everything and we are still in the wrong place – is it me?


Open to business and individuals

Who are serious about discovering new ways forward…

…and are open-minded, curious and motivated


Here are a few words from others about my work. I havent qoute mined anything. All are unedited.

I have a background in education, specislising in self lead ,hands on, outdoor ,creative learning.

A decade of business/start up support and running a school,micro business/interest free finace support in Kenya.



Why Tentcopter? A fair question. It came from a doodle one afternoon when thinking my first website. Over the years its come represent the solid, grounded and free roaming,exploration of my work


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